Monday, 15 August 2011

There is no reason to make nasty sex gags to make people laugh.

Hall Pass is the new directorial effort from The Farrelly Brothers, the same directors who brought us There’s Something About Mary. Hall Pass doesn’t really match up with that better film.

Owen Wilson plays Rick Millis a family man who works spend time with his kids and is having some problems with his wife. His friend Fred played by Jason Sudeikis is in the same boat, worse every time he doesn’t get any sex with his wife he goes to masturbate outside in the car. One day Rick gets his wife so upset that she grants him a hall pass, a week with no restrictions. Meaning that he can cheat with no problem, Fred gets one again and they both go through one hell of a week.

Well one good thing going for Hall Pass is that Sudeikis and Wilson are actually pretty good together. We can believe that there friends. There is a lot manic zeal going on the film. Reader, there are parts in the film that made me laugh out loud and it will probably make you laugh. The supporting actors as well brings some cool stuff to the table. There is one scene where they ingest a certain drug on a golf course and it’s pretty funny. What the movie fails on its that the majority of the jokes falls flat. There is big laughs but it’s not enough to really carry the movie. So the questions arises that why the movie was even made. The Farrelly Brothers could have made a better script and better film when the time is right. The film can get kind of a crude. There is no reason to make nasty sex gags to make people laugh.

It has been four years since The Heartbreak Kid that the Farrelly Brothers has made a film. Hall Pass was not a great return to form for them.


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