Tuesday, 30 August 2011

He sounds like Seth Rogen, talks like Seth Rogen, and cracks jokes like Seth Rogen.....

Paul was an interesting comedy from the team of Superbad and I expected something a little much better but there are some good things to find in Paul.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are Graeme and Clive, two very eccentric fans of sci-fi and comic con. They finally have a chance to visit comic con and they have one hell of time there. They rent a RV and they decide to visit all the famous locations where UFO’s has been supposedly witnessed. They have a map and each little dot has been marked across the country. While at the same time trying to find a ending for their book they have together. One day they witness a accident and they literally find an alien. Who is strangely voiced like Seth Rogen and they decide to help him.

Now the movie has some problems, I have not seen Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead but the first half was kind of a lame. It wasn’t that funny as it should be, come on it’s comic con I’m pretty sure they could have made better jokes. Seth Rogen actually makes the film better when he enters. However then that’s another problem. He sounds like Seth Rogen, talks like Seth Rogen, and cracks jokes like Seth Rogen. Then why don’t you just put Seth Rogen in the film. It kills the illusion of him playing a character that is suppose to be mystifying or weird. Before he talk that way he was first an alien and then learned the language.

Then that is another problem, it never explains why he talks like that or why he acts that way. It really doesn’t make sense, but at the same time there are parts that will make you laugh. There is some good material here to be found but I just feel like there were not enough decisions for the material. I felt like they wanted to do another bromance film but with the twist that one of them is an alien. They even half the whole entire Judd Apatow crew here. We just needed Paul Rudd, Jason Segeal, James Franco, Danny Mcbride just to pop out of nowhere.

Paul was interesting but nothing really special I expected more out of Gregg Mottola his credits include Superbad, Adventurland. Great coming of age movies but what the hell was Paul.


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