Join the Site!

So you want to join the Film Critics? Well, if you meet the blogging requirements you can feel free to join! If you join you have the flexibility to post things on the site linking to your blog, (e.g. your latest review). Just follow these rules:
  • Only members of these sites can join: blogger, wordpress,squarespace and blogtap. (those with own own domains will be accepted)
  • Keep in mind, you will need to have a blogger account to become an author. If your blog is not on blogger then you can post links to your main site in your posts. 
  • Your reviews must be at least a length of 200 words.
  • You must be part of your blogging site (or self domain) for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • You must have at least 10 posts.
  • If your blog contains nudity, if censored you will be viable to join.
Reasons to join!
  • Read and write content about films and share them!
  • It will get your main blog more noticed.
  • Gather with other authors to create content such as favourite and greatest film lists.
  • Explore other people's wonderful blogs!
  • Share your criticism!

To apply to join just send an email with your blog site and set the subject of the email as "Join "

We will notify you within one week if you qualify to join.