Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Top 10 Movies of the Year - 1991

1991, part 2 of my 21-part list counting down my 10 favorite movies of each year since the year of my birth. I'll try to make it a light read.

#10 - City Slickers

Directed by: Ron Underwood

One of the funnier Billy Crystal comedies, City Slickers is a humorous mid-life crisis modern-time western with a fun cast and great writing.

#9 - Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Directed by: James Cameron

Arguably a better movie that it's predecessor, T2 marks a high-point in director James Cameron's career. Great action sequences, cutting-edge CGI, and Arnie playing the perfect role.

#8 - Bugsy

Directed by: Barry Levinson

Aided by some of the strongest performances of Beatty, Bening, Kingsley, and Keitel's careers, Bugsy is a well-made, well-written crime drama. Not the most memorable entry in the crime drama genre, but very good nonetheless.

#7 - The Fisher King

Directed by: Terry Gilliam

One of Gilliam's least oddball directorial efforts, The Fisher King is a surreal, often funny, and emotional tale of a radio show host developing a friendship with a delusional homeless man who's obsessed with finding the holy grail.

#6 - Delicatessen

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Jeunet's first directorial effort thus far, Delicatessen is a visually terrific post-apocalyptic pseudo-comedy with an entertaining script and enjoyable performances. Still the best movie to come from Jeunet.

#5 - Boyz N The Hood

Directed by: John Singleton

A very powerful look at the lives of two friends growing up in a rough urban neighborhood. Great performances from the principal cast, which include Cuba Gooding Jr, Ice Cube, and what should have been an Oscar-nominated performance by Laurence Fishburne.

#4 - Beauty And The Beast

Directed by: Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise

The first and only animated Best Picture nominee (until they added an extra 5 slots in 2009), Beauty And The Beast is a beautifully-made, hilarious, and romantic movie, with a great cast of characters. Still remains one of my favorite Disney movies.

#3 - JFK

Directed by: Oliver Stone

Often cited as one of the greatest movies of the '90s, JFK is the ultimate conspiracy theory movie. Whether or not it's true is completely beside the point -- it's still very interesting to watch; Which makes it too bad Costner was given the lead role.

#2 - Barton Fink

Directed by: Joel Coen

Aided by a strong cast and an equally compelling script, Barton Fink is an unpredictable comedy-drama about a screenwriter suffering from writer's block. Turturro, Goodman, and Lerner are all excellent.

#1 - The Silence Of The Lambs

Directed by: Jonathan Demme

It may be the obvious choice, but that doesn't make it any less fantastic. One of only 3 movies to win all 5 major awards, The Silence Of The Lambs is one of the greatest movies of the '90s, and contains two of the best lead performances of it's time.

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