Sunday, 7 August 2011

Blow Out

     **** out of ****

       “Blow Out” isn’t the most popular thriller in existence, and usually I’d have the ability to seek out the sources to why it’s so obscure and even forgotten, but alas, there are none. Besides…I don’t think it’s all that forgotten anymore. The film, written and directed by the exquisite Brian DePalma, was recently re-issued through the Criterion Collection; and they have never been so right about giving a first-rate thriller another chance at success. There is an audience for “Blow Out”. There always has been. Yet, I hear nobody talking about it, hardly anybody I know has seen it, but I want to change that as much as I can. Here we go.

         Plenty of people admire DePalma. His films are richly drenched in suspense, beautifully shot, and masterfully crafted. Aside from “Scarface”, I believe that this is one of the best DePalma films yet. That either means something to you or it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, then you might as well forget about ever seeing this wonderful and skillfully-made thriller. And that, my friend, is too bad for you.

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