Saturday, 13 August 2011

A lot of it doesn’t really make any kind of sense

When the news of Sucker Punch started coming out  and as well as the trailer. I was very excited it looked really cool and I was excited about Zack Synder’s first original work. Sadly it’s a major misfire.

The film explores different genres like fantasy, sci-fi, steam punk and you could even say women in prison movies.  So your getting a really mixed bag in this deal. The film begins with a long musical intro, explaining Baby Doll played by Emily Browning loses her mom and her sister and her stepfather admits her into a mental asylum. There she meets other prisoners, females with lot’s of issues. With a very evil orderly played by Oscar Isaacs who torments the girls in the asylum. Then the movie starts going into these music filled sequences of intense action and violence GCI overload. There’s one scene that involves large Japanese samurai with machine guns. A lot of it doesn’t really make any kind of sense.

The film has a extensive cast of females all of them are very talented but it’s not really enough to save the film. Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung and Carla Gigino. I give it to the girls for doing these action scenes they pull it off with style. Everything looks great here visuals, the girls, the action, the music. What the movie bombs is in it’s lack of depth.

The screenplay is very mundane during the scenes with out action. There is not much background for these characters. There all hot woman put up against incredible odds, but if only we care about them more. They have conversations but of nothing really interesting, I admit I wanted them to shut up and get to the action scenes. If you seen enough of Synder’s films his action is very stylized we all saw 300. So you get that pretty much here. The action is well made and it looks great but it just feels like someone else is playing a video game and there not passing controller. They only put it down when the cut scenes come on. There is one scene that I quite enjoyed that involves three females and a lot of robots.

You give actors bad material well they very often shows their disgust through their acting and that what pretty much happens here. There are blank stares, awful delivered lines and it just feels like they really don’t care. How could they, Synder doesn’t give them a chance to really developed or have dialogue that’s worth saying. Synder actually just cares more about the way the film looks then to actually make characters and a plot to resonant on the screen. Two things that I really didn’t get in this film, Scott Glenn a very good actor who’s been in a dozen films is completely wasted here. He plays The Wise Man he just spits out instructions and is basically a walking fortune cookie. The other thing is why is Joe Hamm from Mad Men is here. Did he need money or something oh wait I know what it is *cough* *cough*…studio didn’t trust movie put someone that audiences knows and recognizes *cough*.

Synder says this film is about geek culture’s sexism and objectification of women. I just see as a attempt to get 16 year olds to a movie where it has hot girls, guns, samurai swords and dragons. All that sounds cool but Sucker Punch is not a good example of it.

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